We aim to email the information about your event approximately 5-7 days prior to your event. Please reach out to if you do not have your VIP information after that time frame.

Please check your spam + junk mail filters for emails from us about your event.

VIP tickets are non-transferable at this time, unless the person you purchase your ticket from emails​ to transfer their bundle to you.

If you are a parent who purchased a ticket for your child, or you bought the tickets as a gift and they are listed in your name and not the recipient's, please email ​to explore your options.

At this time, merchandise bundles are on-site pick-up only, and we are unable to ship any to guests who miss their event.

Due to space constraints in our trailers and vans, COVID, and the timing of our programs, we are not always able to accommodate storing gifts. While your thoughtfulness and generosity are appreciated, we ask that guests refrain from bringing gifts, or email us in advance to confirm gifts are allowed for your particular tour.

Unless specified in the VIP details, there are no meet and greet opportunities available for purchase.

Please reach out to the venue or ticketing platform you purchased your tickets from to explore your options. We do not have access to any ticketing platforms and are unable to give refunds or exchanges through our email.

As long as you and your friends are all arriving at the same time, they will be able to scan in with you! If you and your friends are arriving at different times, please contact vip@realgoodtouring.​com so we can make a note on your order for the check in staff. You will need to transfer your tickets with your friends, which is generally detailed on any platform you purchased tickets through's FAQ.

Please note: if you transfer a ticket because you are arriving at different times, your name is still listed on the VIP list. You must email ​to make a note that a guest other than you will be checking in. If their name is not on the list, they will not be permitted entry with the VIP program. Their ticket will only allow them in for the general admission portion of the event.

Please email ​with the following information in addition to your question:

  • The name and email associated with the ticket buyer
  • If your ticket has been purchased already, the tier of VIP purchased
  • The name of the show, the venue it is at, and the date the show is on

All VIP tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Please reach out directly to the venue - if there are still VIP tickets available for the tier you’re requesting, they should be able to assist with your upgrade.

If the venue does not reply, please email with your name, the show date, and the tour you are trying to upgrade for.