Real Good Touring
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We love creativity

We Tour Shows that Matter

Look, when it comes to internet-based talent, most touring companies just want to throw you on stage, and collect the check. We hate that idea. We want to help develop live shows that have passion behind them, shows that mean something to the talent and to the fans. And we've gotten real good at it.


Are you a Youtuber, Streamer, or Creative?

Drop us a line and let's see what kind of live show we can build and tour with you!



Real Good Touring gave me an experience I’ll never forget. Some of the most fun I’ve ever had.
— Sean Mcloughlin (JackSepticEye)
Real Good Touring made our first tour an amazing experience! Always felt taken care of and made everything go as smoothly as possible for us.
— Nate Sharp (Natewantstobattle)
I worked with Real Good Touring on my first international tour and had an excellent experience. They are professional, knowledgeable, and great people to boot! What else could you want?
— Dan Avidan (Game Grumps)


We know internet entertainment

We know what it means to be a Youtuber, or a Streamer, or a content creator, because we ARE those things. Real Good Touring was founded by Arin Hanson and Brent Lilley, the minds and management behind the popular internet show Game Grumps. We KNOW schedules are strange, that show ideas are outside the box, and that "normies" don't "get" what we do. And we love figuring out how to make all these things work for you.

We put ourselves in your shoes

We offer the most competitive deal in touring. Hands down. No hidden fees. Full transparency. We never want money to be the issue. We just want to put on a good show.

Go international

Part of why we love touring is because we love traveling. We are able to tour your act around the world from the US, to Europe, to Australia and more. We take care of all the strangeness that comes with moving from country to country so all you have to do is have fun and put on a good show!